Young Kenyans take part in Chinese martial arts tournament



Chinese martial arts like wushu and kungfu have been around for millennia. But, in recent years, these art forms have gained ground as a hobby around the world.

Africa is no exception and many young people across the continent have adopted martial arts as a form of exercise and self-expression.

Kenya is a place where sport has taken off. Martial arts enthusiasts across the country gathered to compete and show off their skills at a tournament sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Nairobi.

Organized by the Kenya Martial Arts Association, the event brought together more than sixty young people to compete in Kiambu County on June 13, 2021.

Aged 4 to 20, the suitors donned silky robes to perform kungfu streaks that stretch back generations.

CGTN Africa was on hand to capture footage of the competition, which featured dazzling displays of strength, discipline, aerial acrobatics and impressive displays of mastery of this centuries-old Chinese art form.

Martial arts are an important part of traditional Chinese culture, cultural advisor Zhou Meifen of the Chinese Embassy in Kenya told CGTN.

She added that the sport is also gaining popularity among young Kenyans.

Embassy officials say they hope to organize more such activities in the future to promote friendship between the two countries.

(Photos and video: Liao Liang / CGTN Africa


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