Yoga vs. Meditation and their benefits?….

Yoga vs. Meditation and their benefits?….

There is a lot of difference between yoga and meditation, but people consider yoga and meditation as one. yoga is the method to make the body healthy and meditation is the method to make the mind relaxed and calm. Above all, yoga is the union of the soul with the divine. It is not a method but a way of life. We should include yoga or meditation in our daily life.

What is the difference between yoga and meditation?

Just as doing yoga improves health, so doing meditation brings about many changes in life. Meditation is a means of transporting the life of the soul to God. Yoga is one and only method to keep the body fit in the form of asanas. yoga is one, but there are many types of yoga, such as Sankhya yoga, Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, Laya Yoga, Hatha yoga, Raja Yoga, Sahaja yoga, Kriya yoga, Dhyana yoga, Samadhi yoga, Patanjali yoga, Hiranyagarbha yoga, Mrityunjaya yoga, Naad bindu Yoga.

Meditation Expert Conference

BK Usha, senior teacher of Rajyoga and motivational speaker of Brahma Kumaris Sansthan, says that yoga is done for calming the mind and for purification. Meditation focuses our mind and generates energy from within. By practicing Raja Yoga, we can control our sensory organs and our thoughts.

Benefits of yoga and meditation

The mind is focused and calm

Unnecessary and negative thoughts run less through the mind.

Yoga is the means to unite the soul with the divine

Learn to balance your life

Positivity and enthusiasm are filled

Creates a balance between relationships and work

The chakras are also active inside your body

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