Yoga and meditation are helpful in keeping the spine flexible, according to the surgeon

Anyone who has experienced excruciating pain in the spine, when getting up from bed or after sitting in front of the computer screen for a long time, knows the importance of keeping the spine healthy.

A healthy and flexible spine can make our daily life easy and comfortable. Our success in life is rooted in spinal health, directly or indirectly, says PV Ramana, consultant neurology and spine surgeon, Pinnacle Hospitals, as part of the ongoing World Spine Week.

Blood supply to spinal discs, vertebrae and the soft tissues around them can be improved through daily exercise, which also reduces inflammation and speeds healing. Early morning exercise in the sun improves vitamin D, which keeps the spine strong. Dr Ramana says yoga and meditation have been found to be helpful in keeping the spine flexible and maintaining good ergonomics. Yoga poses are designed in such a way that they encourage keeping the curvatures of the spine as natural as possible.

Maintaining good posture in the workplace is of the utmost importance as most of the day is spent in the office. Light stretches and short workouts at regular intervals during office hours keep the spine less strained.

Those with back pain, which does not improve with rest, may try using a hot water bag or taking a hot shower. Do not take pain relievers, but see a doctor if the pain becomes stabbing and bothersome. A visit to a neurosurgeon or spine surgeon is unavoidable, if one develops weakness or numbness in the limbs, has difficulty urinating or moving, or if the pain immobilizes the person.

Good sleep is important for rejuvenating the spine. Therefore, use a good firm mattress. If a person has a habit of sleeping on their sides, a pillow should be used to ensure that the neck is positioned between the shoulders and not bent. While sleeping on your back, a medium-sized pillow should be used, making sure the neck is not tilted forward, says Dr Ramana. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes, which are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, support a healthy spine. We must avoid junk food and canned food, he adds.

Pinnacle Hospitals launched a “Spine Care Package” for 999 as part of World Spine Week. The offer will be valid until October 24.

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