World mental health day: Markki Stroem relies on meditation, yoga for his mental well-being


To recognize the importance of mental health, Markki Stroem spoke about the connection between physical and mental fitness.

The actor did exercises and yoga at his home in Antipolo, doing his poses on a lawn in front of his pet dogs, as seen in photos he shared via his Instagram page today, October 10 . He reminded fans that today is World Mental Health Day.

“A day of reflection where we sensitize ourselves to learn to better understand ourselves. A day of reflection and TRUE self-love, ”he said.

Stroem believes that due to the “tumultuous day and age” people are facing now, problems tend to pile up, but it is always important to “find a way to get back on your feet.” He suggests asking for help from others, such as “a loved one, a therapist or even [man’s] best friend.”

“We live in a world where APPEARANCES are often more important than REALITY,” he noted. “It could cost us dearly if we continue to keep our struggles to ourselves. “

Stroem shared that he watched “House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths,” an Indian documentary, which horrified him, about a man who neglected to seek help with his PTSD. The character then caused the death of his entire family. Stroem then shared that he sought help with his anxiety, depression and ADHD issues.

Image: Instagram / @ markkistroem

“I started to take care of my mind, body and soul. I try to expel the toxicity and keep the positivity in my life, ”he said. “Something I do in the morning to calm my mind is meditation and yoga. These daily affirmations (and sweat sessions) are my love letters to the Universe for [embody what I want to become]. “

“Everyone has their own way of taking care of their mental health,” Stroem believes. “It’s time to be the captain of your own ship and steer it to a more [peaceful] State.” JB


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