WHO approval of traditional Chinese medicine draws criticism, World News



As the United Nations Security Council is finally moving in the right direction, the Chinese regime is trying to rationalize its area of ​​influence. All of Beijing’s attention has now shifted to an organization that claims to be irreplaceable when it comes to health emergencies.

The World Health Organization and its non-partisan CEO Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus were reluctant to criticize China, but it just took 24 hours to strike back at the United States after Trump threatened the WHO .

The WHO chief said “if you don’t want more body bags — refrain from politicizing the problem”. He speaks of serving humanity, but his actions speak otherwise. WHO still serves Chinese interests. Money has nothing to do with it.

Beijing has extended its influence within the health body with a different but equally alluring tool – traditional Chinese medicine, a weapon to keep the WHO in its grip.

Reports indicate that China lobbied the WHO to promote traditional Chinese medicine for the longest time, and in April 2019, the WHO offered its approval to traditional Chinese medicine. Report talks about inclusion of Chinese medicine in WHO’s 11th International Classification of Diseases (ICD) publication

The report states that “Historically, traditional Chinese medicine has been excluded from the ICD system, but including it in ICD-11 is an important step. “The global expansion of traditional Chinese medicine with multiple disciplines based on Western medicine will benefit people all over the world.” The WHO has ignored the concerns of animal rights activists in doing so. Campaigners have complained that the move will contribute to an increase in the illegal trafficking of wildlife, the parts of which are used in Chinese remedies. Reports have been published by nature research journals condemning the WHO decision, but they have also been ignored.

Now China is trying to promote traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of coronavirus. President Xi Jinping himself hailed it as a “treasure” of Chinese civilization.

The Chinese government says that thousands of patients in the country are being cured by this so-called treasure and that the world health body is helping China promote this treasure.


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