White Lotus College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture


The College was born out of a deep love and respect for the subject of TCM and acupuncture.

The director (Alan Sheehy) has spent most of his life studying, researching and practicing these arts. In our college we teach classical TCM and acupuncture.

What you will learn is authentic with a theoretical and practical history dating back over 2000 years. The approach to imparting this medical knowledge to our students is classic, practical and experiential. This means that our students will learn the theory and practice of TCM and experience it for themselves throughout the program. This makes our college unique in Ireland.

In researching the history of Chinese medicine, we sought to uncover the key to unlocking an understanding that went beyond mere academic understanding. We also wanted to give our students an experiential understanding to allow students to experience theory in action on their own. The vehicle we use to transport our students is solidly based on the classic TCM.

This vehicle is Medical Qi (Chi) Gong. It is the basis of everything in TCM, but for historical reasons it was not taught in the West. The Medical Qi (Vital Energy of the body) Gong, is the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the application of Acupuncture.

In our college, we study the root and branches of traditional Chinese medicine, using classical literary sources, accepted theory of TCM, diagnostic methods of TCM, acupuncture (including all points), cupping, moxibustion and Qigong health promotion.

Western medicine is taught separately.

Course delivery

Three-year part-time course. The first two years of the course are a blended course. Half of the course time will be in the classroom, the other half will be online. The third year is a clinical year

Questions and answers

One hour per week is set aside for online questions, answers and exercises.

Course director

Alan Sheehy is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Medical Qigong, Gynecology and TCM Obstetrics and has a clinic in Newcastle West Co. Limerick.

All other teachers are fully qualified practitioners and run their own clinics.

Contact details


Phone: 0872480723

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