Wellness expert Gianni Melwani from Ikigai Yoga Talks Meditation



Meditation and wellness expert Gianni Melwani from Ikigai Yoga illuminates the art of being still – or, to be more precise, of just being.

For meditation, starting early in the morning is a good idea. Usually, I get up around 7 a.m., brush my teeth, shower, and prepare for my mindful morning meditation.

In order not to start the day with a bang, prepare yourself the day before. I clean the room before starting my meditation. In yoga, it is important to have a clean body, mind and environment.

You can meditate for as long as you want, but if you’ve never done it at home, I suggest starting with 10 minutes.

Assume any comfortable sitting position with the spine extended. Personally, I prefer the lotus position (legs crossed on a cushion) to elevate the hips and relieve the lower back. Breathe deeply.


  • There are many ways to meditate. You can chant a mantra (a sound that you repeat that calms you down) because it really helps focus the mind.
  • I also practice pranayama (breathing exercises), as well as mindfulness techniques; using the five senses.
  • If you want to experience complete stillness and emptiness, the trick is… no effort. Just be. It’s hard to explain in words, but train your mind to stay calm, be calm, and not think of any outside stimuli.
  • It takes a bit of daily practice and time, and eventually it comes naturally to you. Meditation is one of the most natural things you can do – you don’t need any expensive equipment or accessories.
  • The transition from a still mind to a meditative state is to take it easy. The trick is, essentially, the lack of effort. You’ve just chained yourself up.
  • Spend 10 to 15 minutes with yourself, without any distractions. No dogs, no kids, no family, just you.
  • I encourage people to try a yoga class and then apply the technique at home – it’s a way of life, not a temporary fix. Real change happens with consistency.
  • It’s also important to note that I’m not too rigid about a concrete routine. I know that it is beneficial in my life to practice meditation and yoga every day in one form or another, but if I do not have the time to do it, I realize that it is not. the end of the world. I can always start over tomorrow.

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