Using long continuous strokes, Thomas Yang’s new print is a Zen meditation on cycling



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June 28, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images © Thomas Yang, shared with permission

In his new print “Journey to Zen”, artist Thomas Yang (previously) focuses on the mental benefits of his favorite hobby. The Singapore-based artist is behind 100 Copies, an ongoing printing project in which he publishes limited edition works centered around his love of cycling. Previous iterations include architectural renderings inked with bike tires and a peloton of competitive racers.

“Journey to Zen” renders a lonely cyclist in a manner similar to a Japanese sand garden, using long, unbroken strokes of black ink. “To simulate this particular style with continuous lines or samon (ç ‚ ç´‹) in the gravel, I had decided to use a rake brush as part of the tool. To familiarize myself with the brush, it took me a while to train myself on the lines and the nuances, in particular for the curves ”, shares the artist. When finished, Yang digitally enhanced the brushstrokes and printed the piece on textured paper to deepen the stone effect.

Born from a time of uncertainty, the fluid and composed lines represent the meditative qualities of sport and its ability to act as an outlet for stress and anxiety. “Sometimes taking our bike out for a ride takes us on an inner journey,” Yang says. “Almost like a form of Zen meditation, the noise fades away, our minds clearer and all we focus on is the path in front of us. The further and further we go, the more we learn about ourselves and the nature of our mind.

There are still a few “Journey to Zen” prints available in 100 copies, where you can find more of Yang’s available works.

#bikes #ink #posts and prints

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