Traditional Wushu, a full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts

Baku, May 24, AZERTAC

Traditional Wushu, commonly referred to as Kungfu, is the root of sport wushu and has a long and diverse history.

As wushu originated in China, traditional wushu practices developed and spread throughout the geographical terrain of the country and absorbed the distinct cultural, ethnic and philosophical characteristics of different groups in China.

Originating from the need for self-defense and survival, as well as an art of warfare, different styles and practices have emerged with various methods, content, philosophies, tactics and techniques appearing over thousands of years of wushu development.

While at its core traditional wushu is a method of combat, attack and defense, its practice has gone beyond a mere means to an end and has become deeply tied to the heritage of ethical and moral principles.

The practice of traditional wushu aims to preserve the principles, methods and legacies of previous generations who developed and relied on these arts for their survival and overall betterment of life.

Wushu styles and practices vary widely, with some primarily emphasizing hand techniques, others focusing on leg techniques, and still others emphasizing wrestling. some focus on offense and defense while others strive to promote and preserve health and well-being.

Traditional wushu also includes an extremely wide range of traditional weapons passed down from the cold weapon age as well as practical methods that have been preserved by subsequent generations.

With many clans, sects, family systems and styles, traditional wushu is diverse and colorful, with an extremely deep and complex physical culture.

It is practiced by people from all walks of life, regardless of race, gender, age, social class or physical condition, a cultural and sporting gem for all.

The International Wushu Federation (IWUF) continues to preserve and promote traditional wushu as the practice has gradually entered the realm of sport for all. The values ​​of traditional wushu align with those of promoting social cohesion, cultural and educational value, and the development of healthy lifestyles and habits.

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