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(NewsTarget) Many potent Chinese herbal tonics that promote sexual energy have the wonderful “side effect” of promoting radiant health and longevity as well. Some people may say, “Wow! There is a God and He loves me! (And they would be right). One would almost feel guilty for wanting more sexual pleasure and having a long life and glowing health with it.

Deeply rooted in us is what TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) calls The Three Treasures, see . One of these treasures is our power of reproduction with all its “delicious encouragement” so that we are fruitful and multiplied. It is the most important treasure called our Jing or Essence. The water element carries this “Jing” or essence of life. The Jing is the most important model of our body, bringing with it our growth development and reproductive energies.

Classic TCM Herbal Formulas for Enriching Sexual Energy (such as “Blissful Jing” and many more) contain herbs from the Kidney Yang Jing class of tonics, Blood Moving herbs, Chi tonics and tonics. Kidney Yin. In this way, the jing of the body (which holds our sexual appetite) is strongly amplified and supported. Let’s take a look at these groups of herbs:

Kidney Yang tonic herbs

* Suo Yang (Yang Locker) Latin: Cynomorium

* Yin Yang Huo (sexual goat plant) Latin: Herba Epimedii

* Ba Ji Tian (root of Morinda) Latin: Morindae Officinalis, Radix

These herbs stimulate the fire of the kidneys to produce a strong sexual drive. These tonics are a known group of true aphrodisiacs and are extremely effective. They promote good circulation in the sexual organs and are known for their ability to increase semen in men and increase sexual fluids in women by warming the female genitals thus increasing sensitivity. They also nourish and soothe the heart and nervous system, producing a feeling of relaxation and freedom.

Yin Jing kidney tonic herbs

* Gou Qi Zi (Wolfberry) Latin: Fructus Lycii

* Tian Men Dong (wild asparagus root) Latin: Asparagi Radix / Tuber

* Tu Si Zi (Cuscuta) Latin: Cuscutae, Semen. (This herb builds both Yin and Yang)

These herbs nourish, nourish and moisten tissues and fluids and are used with blood tonics, supporting each other. If the Yin of the kidney is abundant, so too is the sexual energy. Some of these herbs are mildly diuretic and trigger a “tingling” flow of Jing through the system, lubricating and exciting the female genitals. A similar diuretic regimen (with blood motors) helps keep the male organ tough.

Chi tonic herbs, Chi activating herbs and blood moving herbs

* Chi Tonic: Ren Shen (Panax Ginseng)

* Chi activator herbs: Cyperus and citrus zest

* Herbs that move the blood: Huai Niu Xi Latin: Achyranthes Bidentatae, Radix

In short, when you bring kidney yin and yang to the max and support them with chi and blood tonics and mix all these herbs with specific jing-essence herbs for men or women, you have built a more jing channel. strong which not only gives us more sexual energy, pleasure and desire but more of all the vital essences in life.

The story of how sex tonic formulas like Blissful Jing came about through the ages explains a lot. It was not at all from a “spirit of lust” that these tonics were discovered and created but from an honest attempt by herbalists to pure health for the patient:

Over the centuries, Chinese herbalists occasionally saw a patient with “rare Yin Kidney and Yang Kidney Excess.” Many of these patients would simply live for sex (we have a lot of colorful names for these people today). Chinese doctors found this excess in “bedroom affairs” to be unhealthy, injuring the Jings and leading to lumbago, dizziness, and general weakness in vitality.

One of the doctor’s choices would be to encourage the patient to have less sex (never popular demand). Also, reducing both yin and yang of jing could be harmful and there really are no safe herbs to do it (there are only herbs to raise kidney yin or yang to correct the deficiency). So, over the centuries, many doctors have had to find a way to re-harmonize the patient (with their spouses) by strengthening the chi, blood flow and fluid control of the jing so that he or she (along with their spouses who were often lacking) could support a large amount of sexual activity. This is how tonic sex formulas like Blissful Jing were born.

They also found that an enriched sex life between couples brought more harmony and happiness as well as good health now that they could maintain it. Many of those who have taken these tonics have also achieved very long life, good eyesight, and beautiful, healthy skin throughout their old age.

Longevity has always been highly prized by the Chinese and with the “side effect” of beautiful skin, good eyesight and strong sexual energy, these tonics were in great demand by the wealthy. Emperors (many with 30 to 50 wives), governors, and high society paid a high price for these tonics, the formulas of which were kept secret by enterprising herbalists.

However, formulas like these are now available worldwide and at very reasonable prices. We just have to seek and ask. But be careful! The same formulas for sexual energy have a definite effect on increasing the fertility aspects of both men and women. However, this too is a sign of a healthy, happy, and happy jing. Actually, hmmm … I almost forgot, it’s really the reproduction that matters, remember?

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