Traditional Chinese medicine deserves a bigger role in Hong Kong healthcare: expert

April 4, 2022

HONG KONG – The government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region should integrate traditional Chinese medicine practitioners into the city’s medical system to show the role TCM deserves in protecting public health, said Tong Xiaolin, chief of a team of mainland Chinese medicine experts visiting the SAR.

“The role of TCM should not be limited to emergency medical cases only. It should be widely applied in routine medical cases,” said Tong, who leads a group of Chinese medicine experts helping Hong Kong fight the current fifth and worst wave of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“The SAR authorities should eliminate restrictions in political and technical aspects in order to establish long-term and effective mechanisms,” Tong said in a media interview on Saturday. To implement the ultimate goal of achieving Hong Kong’s “three reductions” – in COVID-19 infections, severe cases and the death rate – he said the goal should be accompanied by the principle of ” three facilities” – easy to learn, easy to practice and easy to acquire.

The role of TCM should not be limited to emergency medical cases only. It should be widely applied in common medical cases.

Tong Xiaolin, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Senior Researcher of Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

“As the government begins distributing pandemic kits containing TCM to millions of Hong Kong households, it should educate residents on how to choose and take TCM appropriately, as some patients with COVID-19 cannot tell the difference between their condition and their physique,” ​​Tong said. .

Standardized curricula should also be established to train TCM practitioners in Hong Kong. They should explore more specific ways to allow COVID-19 patients to self-isolate at home and help those who want to take TCM build up their immunological defenses against the virus, Tong added.

Tong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chief Researcher of Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, explained that the application of TCM in Hong Kong in the prevention aspects of COVID-19 is not extensive. . In the rehabilitation process, TCM produced good results. Therefore, the next step should be to promote the application of Chinese medicine for the whole process of COVID-19.

“The trend is to combine TCM with Western medicines. TCM focuses on holistic regulation of the body, while Western medicine is more concerned with treatment outcomes,” he noted.

COVID-19 patients can take TCM with two kinds of western oral medicine to cure the disease so that TCM and western medicine can produce complementary effects, as long as patients have enough time between taking the TCM and Western medicine to avoid unwanted complications, Tong suggested.

He hopes hospitals in Hong Kong will consider applying acupuncture as it has been proven that acupuncture can treat headaches, insomnia and loss of appetite associated with the rehabilitation process of COVID patients. -19.

Tong’s team of 7 Chinese medicine experts arrived in Hong Kong on Wednesday to exchange views with local TCM practitioners on how to take advantage of TCM to reduce infections, severe cases and deaths related to COVID-19.

With the support of the SAR government, the experts visited many places such as designated hospitals, infection control centers, COVID-19 treatment centers, temporary care centers, nursing homes for the elderly , Chinese medicine clinics, teaching and research centers and community centers. treatment centers. Based on this, experts have a comprehensive understanding of the current work and effectiveness of SAR in the fight against COVID-19

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