To cook for me is to meditate; I create my own dishes: Sajjad Delafrooz


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Sajjad Delafrooz, the stylish actor from the United Arab Emirates, who entertained everyone with his negative act in Special OPS, has his own talent for cooking. He is passionate about cooking and creates his own unique dishes.

Are you surprised? Read on to find out more, as in a candid conversation with, Sajjad dons his chef’s hat to reveal the secrets of his cooking flair.

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What’s your favorite cheat food?

Definitely, Dal Makhani and Paratha

What would be your last meal on Earth?


Do you cook at home? What do you do ? Share a recipe with us

Of course, I cook at home. Cooking for me is like mediation. I create my own dishes. Once I start cooking, I don’t allow anyone to enter my kitchen. I don’t trust anyone to cook, especially when I’m cooking. Sharing a recipe means I’m going to have to share my secrets with you (smiles). By giving a little, I add cheese to every food I cook, literally to everything I cook.

Vegetable or non-vegetable?

That depends on my humor. Sometimes when I want to have something light I have Veg. Definitely, these days I eat more vegetables, Sabzi and more salads.

Baked or fried?

In the oven, I try to avoid the fries

Soup or salad?

The salad is better, but I like the soup more

Which vegetable do you hate the most?


Your erotic food?

As soon as I read this question, my thoughts turned to Strawberry (laughs). But I guess it’s overrated. So maybe melted chocolate

The strangest dish you’ve ever eaten?

The brain of sheep, well known in Kashmir, is called Pasha. It’s good but it’s weird

A celebrity you would like to cook for?

Salman Bhai (Khan)

Midnight snack?

Toast with cheese and nuts on top, with milk tea

The dish your family loves when you make it:

I never cook for my family. But I cook a lot for my friends when they come to my house. I make very interesting Paneer dishes in my own way. They love them

The best compliment received was for which dish:

The Paneer I made and also chicken and gravy.

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