Three meditation videos for a relaxing Sunday



Guided meditation is a type of meditation led by a teacher in person or via audio or video. Although Indians have meditated for centuries and most meditative techniques and practices are rooted in Eastern traditions, most of us are new to meditation.

When you begin your guided meditation journey, the best way to start would be to find a good teacher who can guide you, but without a good teacher (admittedly, they are hard to find) the good news is that is, there are many great apps and videos that make it easy to get started. After all, mindfulness meditation – unlike, say, yoga – doesn’t really require special skills or learning new things. It’s basically about learning a better way to do something that we do unconsciously and without thinking every second of our life – breathe.

Whether you are just starting your mindful journey or are well on your way, these guided meditation videos are guaranteed to make you feel better:

10 minute meditation to start your day

Written and narrated by John Davisi, life coach and mindfulness speaker, this meditation video will start your day with a burst of peace and calm.

Short 5 minute meditation by Calm

For those who feel overwhelmed in the middle of the day.

Relaxing and relaxing body scan: switch off for deep sleep

This Headspace video will prepare you for a good, relaxing night’s sleep.


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