The basic purpose of meditation

Spiritual evolution and transformation of consciousness are very important for all of humanity. Those who are not ready to accept this will have to do so in the future.

The goal of human life is the transformation of consciousness which is achieved through the practice of yoga in general and meditation in particular.

What is the fundamental purpose of meditation? In meditation, you go from realization to realization, and you understand things more and more. Universal truth must be realized through the ceaseless process of self-purification and enlightenment. Unless we widen the scope of our vision and broaden our horizon, it is not possible to have this deeper understanding of truth.

There is the story of a blind man who went to an optician to see if he could help him see. The optician tried different types of lenses and nothing worked.

Then he discovered that the man had no eyes at all. What can an optician do with a man who has no eyes? Likewise, as long as we have narrow vision, it is not possible to understand the full scope of reality and truth.

It is best to depart from our total limits first, and for this meditation is the way. Only then will the self-evident truth reveal itself.

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