Spotify Partners with Headspace for Mindfulness and Meditation



Love the Breathe app on your Apple Watch, which helps you find some calm in the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Then a new type of subscription that Spotify will offer in the short term might be right for you as well. Spotify will partner with Headspace, a platform where you can meditate and pay attention.

Spotify and Headspace plan

You will soon be able to take out a combined subscription to both services. Separately, it costs ten per month, for a package you pay 14.99 euros. The service is available immediately in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. In a few weeks the package will also arrive in the UK and the Netherlands. Besides, Spotify and Headspace remain separate services: it’s not that you can listen to Headspace training programs in the Spotify app. However, you can log into both Headspace and Spotify with the same data.

The collaboration came about because Spotify noticed that users are creating a lot of playlists in an effort to reduce stress. Think about playlists that help increase focus while studying, or the sounds of the rainforest that help you fall asleep. In total, there are 22 million such playlists on Spotify. Headspace is said to have 10 million users.


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