Spice Money founder started yoga during pandemic, says meditation helped post-Covid recovery



Once the restrictions are relaxed, one of the things Dilip Modi, Group Chairman and CEO, DiGiSPICE Technologies, Founder, Spice Money and Korero Platforms, can’t wait to do is travel.

“Before COVID hit, I used to enjoy traveling to places close to nature with my family at least once a year. I miss the mountains and wildlife safaris because traveling is a revitalizer for me. is something that I look forward to. Africa, because we’ve spent a lot of time there, ”he says.

In India, Modi would love to go to Srinagar and Gulmarg. “Internationally, I would like to visit different countries in Africa, preferably those rich in wildlife. I think for me it is a great learning experience to go out with my young children and enjoy the environment. relaxing without any access to WiFi and the mobile network, “he says.

Useful time

The outbreak of the pandemic and working remotely helped Modi devote time to yoga and meditation. “I look forward to being consistent and improving my knowledge in this area. I love dining with my family, especially Italian and Thai. Some of our must-see restaurants are San Gimignano and Yum Yum Cha in Delhi,” says -he.

Over the years, Modi’s inclination for shopping has waned. “I can’t spend more than 10 minutes in a store. I only shop when I have no other choice. However, if I have to mention one of my interests, I like to be at the store. current with what’s going on in the device tech space. I use the usual gadgets which are mostly Apple devices. I’m stuck in the Apple ecosystem, you can tell. Plus I’m intrigued by home assistants and it’s cool when you walk into the room and talk to a device. I’d love to explore that space too, “he says.

Modi is fascinated with how virtual meetings and events are a thing using platforms like Zoom and Google meet. “I like the way the virtual and the reality have integrated well into this new normal without disrupting the work. I would love to see a time when, using technology, you create spaces and work with your colleagues as if you were in the office. to ideation that we might miss. I expect technology to help improve this aspect as well, ”he says.

Challenge met

Modi started doing yoga, one of the main challenges he has recently taken on is meditation. “Meditation has been very helpful in my recovery from COVID. It has helped me regain my strength while calming my mind. I want to be consistent with yoga and meditation. Another challenge that interests me is singing. I have always been interested in singing but only started now. I will soon find out how to get involved in this activity, “he says.

The best weight for training is your own body. Modi dropped out of the gym and started stretching and using things like walls. “Walking barefoot on the grass is something I do on weekdays. On weekends I make up for it by playing sports like tennis with my kids. I focused on my flexibility and spent my time to improve it, ”he said.

Modi has always wanted to get into reading, and over the past two years he has developed a passion for reading. “I started reading the scriptures and this is something that I connected with and it has become something that I look forward to. I love watching movies with my family on weekends to take a break from work. The most important thing I have done is maintain a routine. For me, maintaining the routine and taking time for meditation has kept me from stressing. Meditation has played an important role in improving my calm and reducing anxiety and stress levels, ”he shares.

As a boarding school student, Modi believes grooming is very important as it plays an important role in the open space. “Grooming helps you think better. I even dress now as I would if I had to go to the office. I can’t just attend the meeting casually. Dress properly, whether it’s for work, dinner or playing is important. I haven’t tried a new look because I’m comfortable in my skin right now and I don’t have enough time to think about it, “he says.


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