‘Sounds of intimacy’ heard in Wimbledon meditation space

“Sounds of intimacy” were reportedly heard in a quiet new space designed for tennis fans to find “a moment of private meditation, prayer or reflection” at Wimbledon. The Guardian said onlookers reported seeing “sheepish-looking couples” emerge from the facility next to Court 12. One onlooker said he spotted a man and woman leaving the room with “big smiles” on the face. “She was wearing a long, flowing summer dress and there was no doubt what they had done,” he explained.

Turtle equipped with rollers

A three-legged turtle has been fitted with rollers at a zoo in Chester. Hope, a plowshare turtle who was found in a suitcase by Hong Kong customs officials in 2019, was described by a zoo spokesperson as “an incredibly special turtle”. The “prosthetic mobility support” works “wonderfully well,” they added. Plow tortoises, native to Madagascar, are one of the rarest animals in the world, with less than 300 remaining in the wild, noted the BBC.

Winning numbers chosen at Uber

An American man who won a $50,000 prize in a raffle says he picked his numbers from an Uber driver’s license plate. The 51-year-old told Maryland Lottery officials that recent issues with his car led him to take an Uber with a driver who was “great to talk to,” said IPU. He said he remembered the license plate numbers and used them for his lottery ticket. “This will be my last Uber ride in a long time,” the man added.

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