soft, sans-serif tones and glass jars modernize NOOCI’s Traditional Chinese Medicine

Brand identity for traditional Chinese medicine

To highlight decades-old traditional Chinese medicine practices, supplement company NOOCI tapped creative agency Smakk Studios to redefine its brand identity and packaging designoffering design earth and soft palettes, a sans-serif typographyand reusable glass containers for recycling to align with the modern appeal of minimalism and eye-catching brand sakes. The creative agency modernized the traditional Yin and Yang symbol from its black and white theme to muted colors such as pastel purple and blue-green with two white dots and a deviated white line. Sans serif typography is an ode to the growing appeal of simplistic design, and pairing it with minimal text on product containers makes the whole thing clutter-free.

The creative agency also collaborated with NOOCI on the naming of the products – ReNoo, Noo Air and Noo Moon – to link them to the brand identity. The product names correspond to what the supplement offers. ReNoo green or barley tea boasts dark purple packaging design and attempts to rejuvenate customers’ well-being by boosting metabolism, fighting bloating, boosting immunity, reducing cravings for sugar and maintaining healthy skin and youthful aging. Noo Air pills – a non-drowsy herbal formula that helps relieve common symptoms caused by nasal allergies – are placed in a reusable glass jar, tied with a white label and NOOCI’s now iconic branding, the Yin and Yang revamped. Capsules of Noo Moon – a daily supplement to support menstrual cycles – are also encased in a glass jar, but saturated orange marks its labels and signs.

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Maintain nuances to typical products

Having Smakk Studios work on NOOCI – whose profile has developed brands in the health, wellness, beauty, personal care, fashion, lifestyle, food and beverage sectors – means that the character of the supplement company strays from common traditional Chinese medicine designs that often embody script upon script and overlapping colors. Smakk Studios has sought to retain the nuances of these typical products found on the market while instilling NOOCI’s ingredient traceability philosophy. The supplement company writes that it sources ingredients from around the world, hoarding herbs, spices and components such as perilla leaf, Reiki mushroom, fermented soy, jujube, young barley grass , acerola cherry and beta-carotene.

When NOOCI founder Stephanie Tan was pregnant with her second child, she struggled to find balance as she juggled being a mother, wife and entrepreneur. In addition to her allergies, she was sleep deprived and felt anxious most of the time. She says she was eager to find a more natural solution, given that she was pregnant, and came across traditional Chinese medicine as an alternative. She learned about her practices — from reducing sleep and mood swings to helping with seasonal allergies — and consulted with college professors and integrative medicine specialists to come up with NOOCI. She writes that his supplement company was born out of a desire ‘to educate and share with other women the incredible benefits of TCM, so they too can see the powerful role it can play in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.’

soft, sans-serif tones and glass jars modernize NOOCI's Traditional Chinese Medicine
soft, sans-serif tones and glass jars modernize NOOCI’s Traditional Chinese Medicine

Meet the design requirements of the new society

The creative agency says consumers are more demanding and smart brands are rising to such a challenge. The team writes that every day, in growing numbers, consumers are showing up for brands that prioritize sustainability, inclusion, authenticity, self-expression, health, safety and social impact. “Brands committed to positive impact can win the future,” the company writes. In response to design tastes that consumers seem to crave, the creative agency works to create and develop brands that respond to modern buzzwords. “We are on a mission to change consumer behavior towards better buying decisions for people and the planet,” writes Katie Klencheskithe founder of the creative agency.

soft, sans-serif tones and glass jars modernize NOOCI's Traditional Chinese Medicine
some of the ingredients of NOOCI products

soft, sans-serif tones and glass jars modernize NOOCI's Traditional Chinese Medicine
raw materials from NOOCI

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