Sadly US Bias Against Traditional Chinese Medicine Hurt COVID-19 Treatment: Excellent Chinese Academician



Two workers at a TCM store in Dongyang, east China’s Zhejiang province, measure herbal medicine. File photo: VCG

China’s top academician said on Saturday that although traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been shown to be effective for patients with COVID-19, US prejudices against Chinese medicine prevent the country from using it in its clinical treatment, which is a shame”.

In a video conference on Saturday with overseas Chinese in the United States, Zhang Boli, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a key expert consultant on the fight against the epidemic in Hubei province, said TCM has played an important role in tackling the COVID-19 outbreak in China. More than 70,000 patients in China diagnosed with COVID-19 have used TCM and found it to be effective, he said.

“Due to different social systems, we cannot force others to accept treatment for TCM. It is a shame that the United States cannot adopt TCM for its clinical treatment of COVID-19 patients, which would have helped patients with mild symptoms to get better and prevent them from becoming severe patients, ”Zhang told The Global Times.

Responding to accusations that TCM lacks clinical data and research mechanism, Zhang said that while there is a lot of evidence to prove the effectiveness of TCM, some people in the United States choose not to believe in it. TCM because they are prejudiced against TCM.

In the last 3,000 years of history, in several outbreaks, TCM has always maintained its presence. During this COVID-19 outbreak, 70,000 confirmed COVID-19 patients in China have been treated with TCM, which is the best evidence for TCM’s effectiveness, Zhang argued, adding that the researchers have published more than 10 articles on TCM, proving its function. in the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

When there is no specific drug and vaccine to cure COVID-19, is it rational to discuss its research mechanism when TCM is already being tested effective in patients? Zhang asked.

TCM is not designed to kill the novel coronavirus itself, but helps improve the entire body system, Zhang said.

More than 90 percent of all coronavirus patients in China have used TCM during their treatment process, including 61,000 in Wuhan, the city worst affected by the outbreak, and treatment for TCM has prevented these patients from deteriorate to critical condition, according to media reports.

During her live chat with overseas Chinese in the United States, Zhang suggested using TCM at an early stage when people have symptoms such as a sore throat.

The use of TCM to prevent and treat COVID-19 infection is popular among Chinese in the United States, Zhou Yanyu, head of the Chinese Federation of Orange County in the United States, told the Global Times. “It’s hard to buy TCM now because they’re scarce. People have to queue for at least two hours to get TCM at a TCM pharmacy.”

Chinese embassies have distributed “health packages” to Chinese students studying abroad, including masks and disinfectants, as well as TCMs.

China has sent TCM products, acupuncture needles and Chinese medicine supplies to other countries and regions in need to help them in their fight against the coronavirus.

Chinese medical teams have also supplied capsules of Lianhua Qingwen, a traditional Chinese medicine remedy, to countries like Italy and Iraq to help treat patients with COVID-19. In China, the capsule was used by 70 million people as of mid-March.


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