Reza Safinia on Warrior and the links between meditation and music


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One of the best and most misunderstood action shows on TV is Cinemax. warrior, an elegant period piece based largely on concepts developed by the late Bruce Lee for a show that would eventually (and sadly) become Kung Fu. Tracing the conflicts between Chinese gangs and American police in 19th-century Chinatown San Francisco, this is a show that combines some of the best and clearest action on television (thanks to Andrew Koji, Joe Taslim and a roster of incredible martial artists and choreographers) with a story on America’s own account with its racial animosity.

The show’s playful and stylistically nimble score, co-written by Reza Safinia alongside her creative partner H. Scott Salinas, adds to the cool factor. A multi-instrumentalist composer who has worked on shows like To tear out, Valley-P, and the film by Nicolas Cage Trust, Safinia scores with a decidedly meditative and deliberate approach – no doubt helped by her years of connection to creative meditation, Taoist philosophies, and more.

Warrior (HBO Max)

In addition to his score for warrior (which just received a surprise renewal thanks to HBO Max), Safinia has also worked hard on a set of dual-concept albums, Yin and Yang, which explore the fluid musical conversation between classical and electronic music.

Together Safinia and I talked about these albums, the relationship between meditation and music, and creating the hard-hitting score for warrior.

You can find the official Reza Safinia website here.

warrior is currently airing on HBO Max, with a third season underway. You can listen to the soundtracks from seasons 1 and 2, as well as Reza’s albums Yin and Yang, on Spotify and other music streaming services.

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