Psychedelic Meditation Startup VR Tripp Raises $ 11 Million Series A


As a growing number of startups sell investors on mobile apps that help consumers prioritize wellness and mindfulness, other startups are looking for a more immersive approach that allows users to completely disconnect. of the world around them.

Tripp has created immersive relaxation exercises that seek to blend some of the experiences users can find in guided meditation apps with freer experiences that allow users to disconnect from their day and explore their thoughts through headphones. reality while watching fractal shapes, glowing trees and planets roar in front of them.

As the name suggests, the startup has made efforts to create visual and audio experiences that mimic the feelings people can have on a psychedelic journey, albeit without hallucinogens.

“A lot of people who will never feel comfortable taking a psychedelic, it’s a low friction alternative that can deliver some of that experience in a more benign way,” CEO Nanea Reeves told TechCrunch . “The idea is to put mindfulness structures and video game mechanics together to see if we can actually hack what you are feeling.”

The startup told TechCrunch that it has closed an $ 11 million funding led by Vine Ventures and Mayfield with participation from Integrated, among others. Tripp has raised some $ 15 million in total funding to date.

Image via Tripp

VR startups have largely struggled to win investor fervor in recent years, as major tech platforms shut down their VR efforts one by one, leaving Facebook and Sony as the sole benefactors of the game. ‘a space that they still struggle to monetize sometimes. While many VR startups continue to see their engagement, many investors who supported businesses in the space five years ago have turned their attention to gaming and computer vision startups with broader applications.

Reeves says the pandemic has helped consumers understand the importance of mindfulness and mental health awareness, which has also prompted investors to be bold in the projects they are supporting in the space.

Tripp offers apps on the Oculus and PlayStation VR stores and subscription experiences accessible for a subscription of $ 4.99 per month.

The company offers a variety of guided experiences, but users can also use the company’s “Tripp composer” to create their own visual flows.

Beyond personalization, one of Tripp’s main sales is to offer consumers deeper and faster meditative experiences, claiming that users can ease stress with sessions as short as eight minutes in their headphones.

The startup is also exploring the use of the platform in corporate office wellness solutions. Tripp is currently in the midst of clinical trials to study the effectiveness of the software platform as a therapeutic device.

The company claims that users have completed more than 2 million sessions in the app so far.

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