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National Museum of Asian Arts – Guimet presents ‘Meditation Room’ at the Hôtel d’Heidelbach by French artist Pierre Bonnefille. Invited by the Guimet Museum on the occasion of Paris Design Week 2021, Bonnefille has created a space that invites contemplation and reflection. Next to that is a series of works and pieces of furniture inspired by Asia in conversation with the Chinese collections of the museum.

The central work of the exhibition, “Meditation room” takes place in an 18th century paneled lounge. Built like a monumental circular room, the room offers an immersive environment bordered by bronze paintings of Bonnefille. The paintings themselves are gilded and on a large scale. Arranged in the circular space, they reflect the light inwards. Spreading over the entire frame of the structure, their surfaces are irregular, alternating between glossy and matt and favoring movement in space in order to test visual possibilities. Like a black box on the outside, with gold on the inside, the work slips between the mediums of sculpture, architecture, painting and photography. Several stools are also placed inside the “meditation room”, inviting spectators to rest and engage in a moment of contemplation.

Beyond the installation are the adjacent Chinese collections. A series of unique objects and furniture punctuate the space. The links with nature, color and light are omnipresent in Bonnefille’s work, and we find them here through an exploration of forms and materials that evoke plant and mineral elements. On the walls hang paintings on paper from the Furoshiki series, which echo the art of traditional Japanese wrapping that has existed since the time of Nara (8th century).

Drawn and collected during his travels in Japan, China, India and South-East Asia, Pierre Bonnefille places as many natural as artisanal elements within the exhibition. The works presented in this exhibition at the Hôtel d’Heidelbach bear witness to memories of these trips and to the artist’s observations.

Pierre Bonnefille’s ‘Meditation Room’ is on display at the National Museum of Asian Arts – Guimet until September 20, 2021.

Images @Luca Bonnefille.





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