Penelope Cruz fights stress through meditation



Oscar-winning actress Penelope Cruz uses transcendental meditation to minimize stress and deal with life’s challenges.

The Spanish star first experimented with meditation as a teenager, but began to take it seriously to unwind from her film sets and allay her worries, reports

Cruz said: “I practiced meditation as a teenager, I stopped for a while, then I took the transcendental meditation classes and I chose to devote myself to it.”

The actress, who has two children – her son Leo and daughter Luna, along with her husband actor Javier Bardem, is still busy with her career and family and wants to devote herself as much as she can to her children.

Her mother Encarna keeps telling her to take more time for herself, although she never took that advice herself when Encarna was raising the “Nine” star and her siblings.

Speaking to the Italian publication IO Donna, Cruz said: “I have a trait that I inherited from my mother, who was just as demanding of herself: she was very busy and yet – very generous – she. has managed to give everything to her three children. Now she tells me: you have to relax, you have to rest, you have to find time for yourself “.

Cruz will have spent 30 years working as an actress and she has to pinch herself every day for her childhood dream to come true.

She said: “Playing the part has been my dream since I was – maybe – two years old. A dream that never bores: with each role, you start from zero. So I think: thank you!


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