Pastor says Christian meditation can align with Chinese Communist Party ideology

07/14/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – On June 25, to celebrate 30 years as a state-approved church in China, Shamian Church in Guangdong Province invited Reverend Xu Jieping to give a speech.

The president of the Guangdong Union Theological Seminary centered his speech on meditation, saying that “believers [can] meditate on Chinese philosophy and socialist core values [in conjunction with] the Bible.” The combination of CCP ideology and religion is called sinicization.

To meditate properly, the pastor advised members to admire God’s creation by looking at Chinese paintings, writing Bible verses in Chinese calligraphy, cooking food while meditating on God’s power and Chinese proverb, “food is the people’s paradise”, and by meditating during the practice of Chinese medicine.

Additionally, Reverend Xu encouraged members to listen to traditional Chinese hymns and songs while avoiding long hours on the phone. Limiting time spent online reduces the amount of religious content posted, supporting government censorship of religious content online.

Reverend Xu’s recommendations are in line with CCP orders to maintain Chinese characteristics within the religion. Adhering to government measures means heavier restrictions for Christians outside of state-approved churches.

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