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A serene refuge for prayer has quietly taken shape at Fountain.

Flat paths wind through groves of cottonwood and Chinese elm, while Fountain Creek rolls happily. A tangible sense of peace floats on the warm summer breeze. This is the Gateway Prayer Garden, a Christian garden, where everyone can spend some quiet time talking with its creator.

“The garden must serve not only the faith community,” said Mark Spengler, director of the Gateway Prayer Garden, “but also those who are not believers. You don’t need to be a Christian card holder to visit.

Just east of Interstate 25 and south of Mesa Ridge Parkway, visitors will first see the 20-foot open white cross, visitor center, and wake-up tent, where 150 people have gathered to the inauguration of the garden in August. The Great Cross stands atop the Gateway Prayer Garden Trail, which has been laid out in the shape of a football-sized cross with stone prayer benches.

Walk about 50 feet east of the garden and visitors will find a dozen acres of Fountain Creek prayer trails, built mostly by volunteers. The trail features seven numbered open spaces, each with benches for visitors to rest and reflect on. Each space represents a sphere that has an impact on culture: arts and entertainment, business and commerce, education, family, government, media and the church. People are encouraged to sit in the calling sphere and send their prayers, questions, or gratitude.

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“The garden must serve not only the religious community,” said Mark Spengler, director of the Gateway Prayer Garden, “but also those who are not of faith. You don’t need to be a Christian card holder to visit.

A shorter southern trail, just across from the prayer trail, leads to more enclaves and benches which provide a bit more privacy.

God had two intentions for the garden, Spengler said. The first was just to build a beautiful space where people can talk to their god. The second is to help people determine their goal.

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“Anyone who becomes a follower of Jesus has a mission in life,” said Spengler.

“The second aspect of our mission is that people understand how God designed them, what he put in their hearts, what their missions are. We think everyone has one. He is involved in our conception before we are born.

The idea for the one-of-a-kind prayer garden in Colorado originated many years ago from Max Greiner, a sculptor who was building his prayer garden in Kerrville, Texas. In 2005, during a trip to Denver, he felt called to pull I-25, across from Fort Carson, and knew it would be the site of a future garden. Nothing happened, however, until 2016, when Greiner met John Pudaite, president of Colorado Springs ‘Bibles for the World, at the National Religious Broadcasters’ convention in Nashville, Tenn.

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The Gateway Prayer Garden at Fountain opened in August 2021. There is still work in progress.

Greiner informed Pudaite about his visit and the site, and Pudaite happened to know the owners of the land, Ted and Audrey Beckett, owners of Beckett Development. Pudaite returned home and shared Greiner’s hopes for the garden with the Beckett’s, who have spent much of their life and marriage fundraising through land use planning to support missionary work at worldwide. The couple donated $ 2 million in land to make the garden a reality.

“The Fountain Valley and the entire Pikes Peak region need a place where they can cry out to God anytime, night or day,” said Audrey, Gateway Prayer Garden board chair. .

“So many churches are closed or locked and there is no place for people to go. There are now several gardens in the United States where they have crossings along highways and highways. It gives people a place to stop, pray, and seek the Lord. The Lord made us understand that he had given us this land and that he wanted it to be used for this purpose.

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Located off of I-25 in Fountain, the Gateway Prayer Garden, a Christian facility, offers visitors a place to pray and meditate along its Fountain Creek Prayer Trails and within a footpath. the size of a football field, shaped like a cross by stone prayer benches. The garden is one of a kind in Colorado and was designed by a Texan artist in 2005. A couple from Fountain, Ted and Audrey Beckett, donated land worth $ 2 million to donate. garden a reality.

The garden of prayer is far from over. The plans include sculptures, a water feature and biblical tiles in the path, as well as a Garden of Life for those struggling with unwanted pregnancies or those who have terminated a pregnancy, a space for them. first responders and a space for students and young people.

There are also plans to construct two more buildings: a Hero Hall, filled with stories of those who used their faith to persevere despite the persecution, and a Declaration Hall, where visitors can see what is happening in real time. going around the world in video streaming and praying for those in need, and also to better understand their own life mission.

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These plans depend on two things: donations and volunteer work. Spengler does his best to promote the garden in the community. Churches held services on the property and youth groups visited.

“The vision is pretty broad,” Spengler said. “Colorado Springs has billions of Christian nonprofit organizations, and we would like to think that people who pray together will make a positive difference in this city and county. “

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Contact the author: 636-0270

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