Music streaming service Deezer is testing a meditation app

Music streaming service based in France Deezer is testing a wellness app called Zen in Belgium that features content for guided yoga, meditation, and inspiration. The app is currently only available on iOS with an Android version in the works.

During his first call for earnings After the company went public via a SPAC in April, CEO Jeronimo Folgueira said the company plans to roll out the meditation app in 2023 and sees a big opportunity to “sell content.” Deezer declined to give further details on the launch.

The iOS app page specifies that the app hosts 600 exclusive content items across multiple categories. Users can create a new account for the app or log in with their existing Deezer account. A community publication indicates that the app can suggest content based on your mood (good, neutral, bad) and goals such as reducing stress, sleeping better, improving relationships, and increasing focus. Sessions range from soothing sounds for better focus and relaxation to guided chapters for yoga and breathing.

App Store screenshot of Deezer’s Zen wellness app. Picture credits: Deezer

The company’s first-half 2022 results noted that the streaming service lost 300,000 subscribers, dropping from 9.7 million to 9.4 million users. Spotify’s competitor represents only 2% of the global music streaming market. Besides songs, Deezer has other content offerings like podcasts and audiobooks. Its entry into the meditation space could be another step towards expanding its user base.

Once Deezer launches Zen in a wider market, it will compete with giants like Calm and Headspace Health. Both of these companies have attempted to expand their services by offering physical activity and mental health features.

Research suggests that by 2030, the Mental wellness app market to hit $17.5 billion. Deezer would therefore naturally want to gain a significant share of it.

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