Maracuba will be a real party for physical exercise



Thursday, November 5, 2020

Havana, Nov. 5 – Carlos Gattorno, director of the Marabana project, assured this capital that the popular Maracuba race, which will be held virtually on November 21 across the country, will once again be a city celebration.

Everything is going according to plan, the provinces and municipalities have answered the call and for the moment the number of participants exceeds anything that has been done in the other races, Gattorno told the Cuban news agency by phone. .

He added that until Thursday, the number of registrants is close to 2,500 confirmed, although this figure will of course increase over the days.

He also took the opportunity to recommend that runners do not neglect any of the biosecurity measures targeting Covid-19, in particular wearing a mask; while calling for strict respect for physical distancing.

Likewise, he stressed that the main challenge of this new edition of Maracuba is to achieve a fluid communication with the participants and to involve them in the organization of the race.

In this regard, he said he trusted everyone to post their participation on the Cuban Walkers Facebook page, which he described as an ethical exercise for each runner, as he does it individually because it is is he who competes against himself.

In addition, he clarified that the distance to be covered will be three kilometers or more depending on the individual ability of each person, and as has happened in previous years, runners can join the different categories, from children to people. elderly, he said.

Turned into a real party for those who love physical exercise, in this 2020 Maracuba will have special characteristics due to the Covid-19, but in any case, a great participation is expected with several races organized throughout Cuba.

The start will be simultaneous at seven in the morning in all the provincial, municipal, rural and mountainous regions of the country.

It will also be a nice preamble to the 34th edition of Marabana, which will be held virtually on Sunday 22 November, and in tribute to the Day of Physical Culture and Sports, on the 19th of this month. (Text and photo: ACN)

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