Katy Perry talks about mental health, meditation and her daughter Daisy

Katy Perry talks to Yahoo Life’s The Unwind about her mental health, her daily routine and being the current mother of her daughter Daisy. (Photo: Getty; designed by Quinn Lemmers)

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Katy Perry is an unstoppable force of pop stardom. The “Never Really Over” singer, who welcomed her first child with a partner Orlando Bloom in 2020, now has a residency in Las Vegas and a place on the american idol jury. Her most recent venture, however, is outside of music: the relaunch of her Katy Perry Collections shoe line, which aims to create kicks that stop traffic and start conversation, all for an affordable price.

“You can meet a stranger based on the shoes you’re wearing and become best friends, because they’re like, ‘Oh my God, do you have a shell for a heel? You have orange slices on your shoes and they smell like orange? No way,” Perry told Yahoo Life’s The Unwind by phone.

All of these plans – and the hustle and bustle that comes with motherhood – mean that Perry, up since 5 a.m. to bottle-feed her daughter Daisy on the day of our call, must find a way to keep her mental and physical health under control. control.

“As a mom and a busy person in general, you’re always trying to find extra time in the day, like there aren’t enough hours,” she explains. “That’s why I swear by transcendental meditation. It changed my life, it changed my mood. Every time I meditate, whether it’s once a day or twice a day, I feel like I found two extra hours in the day that came out of nowhere, or I took a two-hour nap – but I just did 20 -minute meditation.

Perry and his partner Bloom have Popular Transcendental Meditation, which, in practice, involves repeating a mantra in your head while sitting or lying quietly for 20 minutes at a time, in order to promote relaxation. That’s not Perry’s only feel-good secret.

The pop star poses in shoes from Katy Perry Collections.  (Photo: Katy Perry Collections)

The pop star poses in shoes from Katy Perry Collections. (Photo: Katy Perry Collections)

“I do a celery juice or this niacin drink twice a week, which cleans my system and oxygenates my blood, which is great,” Perry notes. “I try to be in the gym three to four times a week, and I notice my mental health is doing really well; I notice the positive effects of sweating out toxins.

As a new mom, however, she knows she’s now “second on the call sheet.” Sometimes, she says, being “present” with her daughter is the best wellness gift.

“Knowing that I invest in quality, the time spent with her makes me feel really good about myself, about being a mother, about being able to work as hard as I work,” she explains. “When I’m with her, it’s quality, and it’s present, rather than trying to juggle it all at once. It’s really changed me. I think I’m getting my first dose of it too. unconditional love, which always helps mental health.

For physical health, Perry credits her mother, who turns 75 this year, with sharing her “organic California” lifestyle with her. the Smurfs The actress takes supplements based on her blood tests and swears by Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, which she grew up on thanks to her mother. (She is now a major investor in the brand.)

Most of the time, however, Perry says his life is about balancing his stage persona with that of the real world.

“I know how to compartmentalize and turn it on and off,” said the american idol explains the judge. “I don’t live in the 24/7 ‘on’ zone. I’m really just ‘Katy Perry’ when I do my shows, my meet and greets or my shoots. Otherwise, I found a good balance and learned to live a sweet little life. It’s waking up, making breakfast, going out, playing in the sand. It’s really about balance – that’s how I can do it all.

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