Jamie Jones signs partnership with MEYA music and meditation platform


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We’re all tired of saying it, but it’s been two horrible years.

Between the isolation of the lockdown and the general uncertainty, everyone’s sanity has taken a hit in one way or another. With that in mind, acclaimed DJ and house producer Jamie Jones just announced that he has partnered up with the music and meditation app MEYA, which incorporates music into his guided meditation sessions. Lee Burridge, another actor and house music shaker, also signed as a partner.

Jones and Burridge will both contribute exclusive productions for use in user sessions. The platform uses a mix of new and old techniques to combine music and sound with meditation to promote calm in its users. It offers users a series of different features, from simple relaxing music to more guided shots to help users with various techniques.

Naturally, the slopes will be a little more relaxed than usual. Jones contributes to the first, a track called “You Always Have A Choice,” which they describe as a “dreamlike” and “delicate” piece of electronic music. Burridge’s first contribution, meanwhile, will be a unique remix of his hit “Float On” from the 2019 collaborative album, Swooping down on the lost desert. Both producers will continue to create leads for the app over time.

“I noticed that I only needed to meditate half as long to feel the same,” Jones says. “I felt that the combination of mediation and available sounds made the task much easier and more efficient in a shorter time. I gained the same benefits in half the time of meditation. In my opinion, it really feels like you’re getting the most out of it without having to be so far ahead or meditate for so long.

For more information and to download the app, go here.

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