Get in shape: find the physical exercise that’s right for you



Making New Year’s resolutions is easy. Maintaining them, especially in the first few weeks of February, is the hardest part.

We decided to ask fitness professionals for their advice on how to maintain exercise resolutions when the going gets tough.

Have you ever gone to a fitness or yoga class and seen people who seem unable to keep up?

While getting started can be difficult for everyone, sometimes newcomers to exercise, in their desire to get in shape, may choose activities that are far too difficult for their abilities or physical condition.

This can lead to discouragement and abandonment.

So what’s the best thing to do?

We asked David Chacon Valenzuela, the Health Initiative for Men’s Physical and Social Health Program Coordinator, for his advice.

Health Initiative for Men is a Vancouver gay men’s health resource that considers all dimensions of health – physical, social, emotional and sexual well-being – to be interrelated and important.

Chacon Valenzuela has taught everything from outdoor boot camp to yoga and aerobics classes.

Men’s Health Initiative coordinator of physical and social health programs David Chacon Valenzuela

Chacon Valenzuela says over the phone that it’s important to choose something that suits your level of fitness, rather than what’s all the rage.

“Sometimes people tend to do things because that’s what everyone else is doing right now,” he says of fitness trends. “And there is nothing wrong with trying. But maybe after a few times you will see that it might not be for you. But the point is, you don’t have to. do at the same level as everyone else. “

He suggests choosing something easy and appropriate if you are just starting out, rather than something difficult or even extreme.

“If they’ve never done crossfit or yoga before, they can just start with something as simple as going for a walk or a bike, and from there, move on.”

He also recommends exploring different types of exercises to find out what really clicks before focusing on something to focus on.

In particular, he encouraged people to find activities that they really enjoy, as it provides additional motivation to do so.

Just as HIM encourages looking at all aspects of health, Chacon Valenzuela also recommends considering the other benefits of becoming more active, instead of just focusing on things like losing weight.

“What are the other good things you can get from exercising: feeling better, or maybe you’ll meet other people and make new friends, or get a little more social just to get out of it?” at home, or maybe after work, it’ll help you relax and think about other things. “

More tips and advice from fitness professionals on how to maintain physical motivation will be posted here at Georgia Law website throughout the month, so stay tuned.


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