“Follow the science” and your happiness – Meditation and spirituality to overcome our environment

“What if… science proves that our thoughts, our feelings, our meditations, our prayers, our intentions,… have a measurable impact” – Dr. Joe Dispenza.

There are no words that can capture the beauty, connection, love, and joy felt while attending a Dr. Joe Dispenza event and/or volunteering to serve the growing community. It restores your faith in people, in humanity, and in the infinite potential and opportunities we have today despite the difficult environment we must and will overcome.

2,537 beautiful souls gathered beside the River Thames at the Excel Center in warm London in mid-August. A sacred space for learning, growth and healing has been created in the “monastery” by hundreds of freedom-loving and pleasure-loving “monks” and “nuns”. What you sow you reap was the theme. Sublime is a word used by many.

Dr. Dispenza is evolving his teaching and meditations all the time and after the lockdowns, participants were eager and ready to push their limits in terms of breathing practices, meditations that included sitting, lying down and glorious, impressive meditations in walking along the banks of the Thames.

healing meditations

There were also intensely beautiful coherence healing meditations where ordinary people who become coherent in their hearts and minds act as healers and with “high emotion” and “clear intention” sent healing energy. love to 300 beautiful recoveries – many of them with serious and life-threatening physical problems. challenges.

“Evidence is the loudest voice” Dr. Joe reminds us. With so much money-focused pseudoscience in the world today, Dr. Joe knows the importance of accurate data, real measurements, and rigorous research. The team of leading scientists he works with and who spoke to us discover that our greatest pharmacy is within us and by feeling gratitude and bliss in our minds, bodies and hearts and the love for ourselves and each other, we can heal ourselves and humanity. .

The groundbreaking research is very exciting and we are beginning to see tangible and measurable changes in the health of the cured, as well as in their lives. Meditations affect real changes in people’s brains, hearts and bodies and these changes are now being measured and felt.

make history

The team of scientists and researchers is writing scientific history by measuring changes and transformations in people’s biology and health. The scientific team confirms that profound healings and powerful mystical experiences occur.

The science of quantum physics, epigenetics and neuroscience is discovering what druids, witches, mystics and yogis have known for a long time – our bodies are miraculous temples and the “kingdom of heaven is within us” and all around us.

To truly connect with our mind, heart, body, and soul or spirit is to be spiritual. To be enlightened is to experience and feel Oneness within ourselves and with our fellow sacred beings, our humanity, our living world, the infinite energy of the Universes. The miracle of creation.

No need to meditate on the perfect beach with the perfect temperature and the perfect sunrise. Or go to a cave in the mountains, an ashram or a monastery in the Himalayas and meditate for thousands of hours. It can be experienced in a few days by ourselves or in community in a city. We can do it and feel it ourselves and with each other in the new communities we are creating in our beautiful cities and countryside.

Simply by meditating and then thinking, feeling and acting differently, we will overcome and transcend current paradigms based on fear, shame and control and transform the consciousness of this beautiful little planet – sacred Mother Earth.


For the research and science behind meditation and coherence healing (in-person and remote), Dr. Joe’s amazing meditations, and information on upcoming events, please visit www.drjoedispenza.com

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