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NEW DELHI: Yoga and meditation show positive effects as additional therapies for glaucoma, mitochondrial problems and rheumatoid arthritis, said experts from AIIMS, Delhi. Tanuj Dada and Karthikeyan Mahalingam from Dr Rajendra Prasad Center for Ophthalmic Sciences at AIIMS said meditation was found to be effective in glaucoma as an additional therapy in a study of patients at the institution.

Researchers said meditation worked as an adjunct therapy in glaucoma by reducing intraocular pressure, improving blood flow to the brain, reversing autonomic dysfunction (damage to the nerves that control involuntary functions of the body), decreasing oxidative stress (an imbalance that affects the body’s ability to detoxify), prevent mitochondrial dysfunction (a condition that hinders cell viability), decrease inflammation, improve quality of life, modulate wound healing, and modify other diseases systemic associated.

Dr Rima Dada of AIIMS noted that 8 weeks of yoga practice results in upregulation of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD +) levels indicating increased bioenergetics and mitochondrial functions. “NAD + is a central metabolic cofactor that plays an essential role in biological processes, including energy homeostasis, DNA repair, gene expression and signaling of calcium-dependent secondary messengers. Our results showed an improvement in the potential of the mitochondrial membrane after the practice of yoga, indicating an improvement in the function and viability of the mitochondria, ”she said. Yoga has also been shown to be beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

“After 8 weeks of yoga, there were beneficial effects on the psycho-neuro-immune axis in patients with RA. Yoga is one of those safe and effective mind-body therapies for improving physical functions. while reducing stress. Yoga helps improve mental stress. and depression by improving the perceived sense of well-being and by causing structural and functional changes in the brain by increasing the expression of genes that promote neuroplasticity ” , noted Dr. Rima.

Make yoga a daily routine: Lt Gouverneur, CM

LG Anil Baijal and CM Arvind Kejriwal on Monday called on people to make yoga a part of their daily lives. Welcoming International Yoga Day, Baijal said yoga was more important during the COVID-19 era and can boost immunity and mental health.

“Yoga is more important in this time of COVID 19. We can build immunity while maintaining mental health through regular practice. Let’s make yoga a daily part of our life,” Baijal tweeted. In a tweet, Kejriwal said, “Let’s make a commitment on International Yoga Day to make yoga part of our daily routine.”

Special sessions for police officers

Delhi Police held special yoga sessions for their staff deployed to various units on Monday on the occasion of the Seventh International Yoga Day.

Delhi Police Commissioner SN Shrivastava posted photos of him and his wife performing various “asanas”. “I did my daily yoga at home today. My wife also joined me in observing ‘Yoga Day’,” he tweeted from his official Twitter account.

A special yoga session was held at the Singhu border, where staff from Delhi Police and deployed Central Armed Police Force units performed various postures, a senior officer said.

Prisoners practice yoga in prisons

More than 1,500 inmates at three prison complexes in the nation’s capital practiced yoga on Monday morning on International Yoga Day, officials said. A senior prison official said that prisoners from Tihar, Rohini and Mandoli have gathered in the common area while maintaining standards of social distancing.

Inmates and trained staff are leading the session, which ran from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., the official said. The General Manager (Prison) said, “We held a magic show and tug of war competition as well as yoga session in Prison No. 5 while maintaining good social distancing.”

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