Exercise as punishment for forbidden curfew violators, according to PNP


MANILA – Quarantine violators should not be forced to do physical exercises as punishment, said Philippine National Police spokesman, the police sergeant. Gen. Ildebrandi Usana said, as they began to investigate the viral incident of a man who was allegedly forced to do 300 pump exercises for allegedly flouting curfew regulations.

During a public press briefing, Usana said police only had the power to obtain documents and statements from offenders and give them warnings, based on PNP orders. Fines can also be imposed at the discretion of local authorities.

“We learned about a training exercise, but so called” the custody and the Sino-mangs offenders, the police did not retain the imbestigasyon dapat po kunan lang sila ng statement or rather the documentation of pagkakakilanlan tapos ire release na po sila, ”Usana said.

(We have learned that offenders are required to practice. However, the police only have the power to obtain the offenders’ statement, or rather documents as proof of identity, and then release them.)

“However, the training exercise nga po ng pulis ang 8 na ito and bawal po ito. Actually, there is only one judge about the judgment decision of Parusa, who is a young judge. in this case, he added.

(However, these 8 people were forced to exercise, and it is prohibited. Even though people can decide to punish offenders through guidelines, set by courts or judges, in this case it is shouldn’t happen.)

The death of Darren Peñaredondo, a resident of General Trias City in Cavite, has gone viral on social media as he was allegedly forced to do 300 sets of pumping exercises after being found outside during curfew hours, with 7 other people.

Peñaredondo’s partner Reichelyn Balce said he was only outside because he was looking for water. He then fell into a coma.

The city’s police chief denied requiring quarantine violators to exercise, Usana said earlier.

But during a briefing on Saturday, Usana noted that the town’s police chief, now sacked because of the incident, was “unaware” that offenders were being forced to do drills, until at the start of their investigation.

“’Police chief Yung does physical exercise only to discover a meron pala,” Usana said.

(The police chief was informed that there had been no physical exercise given as punishment only to find out there had been.)

PNP said it “would not tolerate” such actions and would investigate other similar incidents.

“And I guess last year maybe (there are) some controversial issues that were discussed and we ask these police officers to be very careful with the stuff they do themselves- even without perhaps knowing it, chief of police, ”Usana said.

“We do not tolerate this kind and we have ensured that orders would not be taken during the ECQ during the PNP review period,” he added.

The areas covered by the Bubble Plus in the National Capital Region (NCR) (Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, Bulacan) are subject to a 6 p.m. curfew as part of the enhanced community quarantine imposed in the region.

Usana said 47,149 flouted quarantine protocols from March 29 to today, noting that most violators had received warnings and fines based on government orders.

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