DaMENSCH co-founder WFH pandemic routine: a relaxing walk with a little meditation

“Like most of us, I can’t wait not to wear masks on the way out – which will be the biggest relief I can think of,” says Anurag Saboo, co-founder of DaMENSCH, laughing. While it may be too early to take our masks off, with the restrictions easing, many of us are picking up steam. For Saboo, travel is a priority to get her back to normal on her to-do list. “For a travel enthusiast like me, traveling is definitely high on the list of things I will pick up on once things get better,” he says.

The boss also misses attending live shows and concerts and says these will be on the radar as well as soon as restrictions are relaxed. Fitness is also an area he looks forward to. “I can’t wait to explore new places and start working out in the gym again without the paranoia of thinking if everything is exhausting or not,” he says.

But when it comes to training, his new smartwatch has come to the rescue. “With the lock in place, while it was impossible to go to the gym, a brilliant investment was my Apple Watch which helped me track my health,” he says. Saboo also bought AirPods for seamless connection to all calls and meetings, so he could walk while he worked.

The small things

Being an avid online shopper, Saboo did not miss visiting stores or malls during the lockdown. Instead, he was missing out on eating at his favorite restaurants. “I’ve been on the vegan train for a while now, and the one place I absolutely love to visit is Go Native for their vegan fusion cuisine. Apart from that, the street food in Delhi, from Chandni Chowk to Connaught Place – I miss eating there a lot, ”he shares.

To unwind after work, Saboo had a simple routine: a relaxing walk with a little meditation. Both have helped him stay positive. “A walk by the lake at night really helps me relax and get back to work with a fresher state of mind,” he shares. He credits yoga and meditation for helping him stay productive. “It helped me synergize my thoughts more productively,” he says. When it comes to a dose of fun, games are the way to go for Saboo. “Playing strategy board games like Catan and Playstation games like UFC, FIFA, where I can use my cognitive skills and have fun at the same time, has been my mood since the start of the pandemic.” , did he declare.

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