Covid-19: Mainland traditional Chinese medicine experts in Hong Kong offer treatment guidelines

A group of experts from mainland China met with Hong Kong health officials to develop plans for the use of traditional Chinese medicine in the clinical treatment of Covid-19 as the case fatality rate of the fifth wave of the city ​​increases.

Food and Health Secretary Sophia Chan with the delegation of Mainland Traditional Chinese Medicine experts on April 5, 2022. Photo: HKGov.

Food and Health Secretary Sophia Chan met with the experts sent by the central authorities on Tuesday. The group, which arrived in the city last Tuesday, is part of Beijing’s efforts to help the city’s anti-epidemic efforts, according to a government statement.

Since their arrival, the delegation of seven traditional Chinese medicine experts have visited retirement homes, Covid-19 treatment and isolation centers, as well as a traditional Chinese medicine clinic.

International standards

The number of deaths reported daily fell below 90 for the first time since February 26, although the case fatality rate, or number of deaths among those infected, fell to 0.7% in the fifth vague. On Tuesday, Hong Kong recorded a total of 8,349 deaths out of a total of 1.17 million infections, the vast majority of which occurred during the fifth wave.

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“This figure is similar to that of European countries or the United States and the United Kingdom,” said Albert Au of the Center for Health Protection. “Hong Kong[‘s rate] is not particularly high.

Meanwhile, mainland experts led by Tong Xiaolin will draw on the mainland’s experience in using traditional Chinese medicine, coupled with the results of their Hong Kong tour, to draft treatment guidelines for patients who are asymptomatic, with mild symptoms or in isolation or recovering.

The experts “have prepared a set of [traditional Chinese medicine] anti-epidemic plans for clinical application based on Hong Kong’s existing clinical plans,” a government spokesperson said.

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Their plan will serve as a reference for practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine and will offer guidelines to the public.

Experts have “highlighted the ‘three easy principles’ – ‘easy to understand’, ‘easy to do’ and ‘easy to get’. The Hong Kong SAR government will follow up and implement the relevant recommendations,” Chan said on Tuesday.


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