Chinese Martial Arts MMORPG Justice Online Eyes Western Release

Justice can be served around the world as the popular Chinese martial arts MMORPG seeks to make its way to an international audience.

With the Chinese New Year fast approaching, leading Chinese game publisher NetEase is offering plenty of perks to its loyal Justice Online players who have stuck with the leading PC martial arts MMO. A western version is also planned for the fourth quarter of 2022.

Justice Online is an MMORPG based on the famous martial arts novel Four Famous Arrets – Justice Online. The captivating open world seeks to create a living, breathing environment for players to explore. Justice Online is the first game to truly explore traditional martial arts and Jianghu (martial arts community) in the MMORPG genre. Justice Online offers players a sophisticated world to explore, endless customization to showcase, and a story of love, passion, and martial arts to lose themselves in.

Justice Online recently received a substantial update, bringing the total number of explorable regions in the game to 9. This update brought eye-catching landscapes like the sky-cutting Zhuyin Mountain with its flowing fire and blazing wind , Snowcell Mountain which brings a frozen, crusty edge of dangerous land, and Quicksand City which is plagued by sandstorms and desert areas you want to stay away from.

With the Justice Online map now spanning over 2,400 square kilometers, it’s fair to say there’s plenty to see and even more to do. Whether you choose to pan for gold, save a mountain from fate, or even trade from town to town, one thing is certain, you’ll need a mount to explore the Flawless Lands.

Mounts are already an important part of the Justice Online experience, with the ability to tame almost any creature in the game into a mount, the options are plentiful. However, these options expand even further starting January 20, when the next major Justice Online update is released. That’s right, you’ll be able to fight, tame, and even ride a giant spider through snow-capped mountains, around lava pits, and through elegant rainforests.

The major content update isn’t the only announcement NetEase has for Justice Online. From January 20, the game will be playable on almost all devices through cloud-based games through a web client. This cloud-based service opens Justice Online to international players, however, the game does not currently offer localization outside of China, so current gameplay experiences are dependent on the player’s understanding of the Chinese language.

During 2022, NetEase has planned several important updates for Justice Online, including new locations to expand the transparent map even further, new questions for players to continue their adventure, and new mounts to fight and tame. . Their biggest update in 2022 could be the multi-regional localization and international release of Justice Online, which would open up the martial arts experience to millions of MMORPG fans.

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