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A number of traditional martial artists in China have vowed to take down mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Xu Xiaodong, following his challenge that opened on Monday May 1.

Xu is a free-combat athlete who learned MMA on his own.

Video of his 10-second loss to taiji master Wei Lei in front of a crowd in Chengdu, Sichuan last Thursday (April 27) has since gone viral.

The Beijing News reported that Xu said that traditional martial arts were outdated and only good for keeping fit. He also insisted that free fight or boxing would be more practical in real fight.

In his post on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, Xu said he will face all traditional martial artists in his next fight.

With no rules in place, and groin kicks and eye shots allowed, Xu will offer 1.2 million yuan (S $ 243,000) of his own money to anyone who defeats him.

Xu even challenged billionaire Jack Ma’s bodyguard.

He also challenged flyweight boxer and two-time Olympic champion Zou Shiming to a fight, and offered to donate the prize money to an orphanage if Zou agrees.

Zou’s agents said he would not respond to the challenge because “the two are not on the same level – one is a professional, while the other is an amateur.”

In this case, Xu is the amateur.

Although Xu has never participated in major tournaments or held an impressive ranking, he is the director of the Beijing MMA Association and runs two MMA clubs in Beijing. Its aim is to “promote MMA to ordinary people”.

Mr. Arvind Lalwani, General Manager and Head Coach of the Juggernaut Fight Club in Singapore, said: “It’s such a joke. Everyone knows that a taiji master would never win against a skilled mixed martial arts fighter. . Taiji just isn’t made for fighting. “

Here’s a look at the other three martial artists who want to challenge Xu to the next duel:

1. He Xi Rui

Martial art form: Wudang taiji

He Xi Rui, chief of the Chinese Wudang clan, practices taiji. PHOTO: WEIBO / CLAN WUDANG

The leader of the Chinese clan Wudang appears to be the first to challenge Xu to a duel.

“You are welcome to visit the Wudang Mountains to witness real martial arts,” the taiji master said in an article on Weibo.

“We’ll see if taiji is really a style of martial arts that can be beaten.”

Xu has now accepted the challenge.

The location, time and date of the fight have not yet been announced.

Xu wrote on his Weibo page, “China needs to know the truth (about traditional martial arts), and I will prove it to them.

2. Yi Long

Martial art form: Shaolin gongfu

Shaolin exponent Yi Long, 30, was another person to quickly accept Xu’s challenge.

Yi is often touted as “China’s strongest Shaolin monk” by Wu Lin Feng – China’s oldest martial arts competition program.

Yi wrote on Weibo, “(Chinese martial arts) are vast, deep, witty, and have a long history.”

He said he would not tolerate Xu’s insults, which served to “deceive the public” about the value of traditional martial arts.

3. Lu Xing

Martial art form: taiji Tuishou (pushing hands)

Taiji master Lu Xing agreed to challenge Xu Xiaodong to a duel to defend his martial arts discipline. PHOTO: WEIBO / XU XIAODONG

Taiji master Lu Xing also accepted the challenge, to defend his martial arts discipline.

Lu is president of the Sichuan Taichi Pushing Hands Research Institute. Its form of taiji is known as tuishou, or pushing hands. It’s a non-violent version of taiji sparring.

Lu told Chengdu Business News that he wanted to teach Xu a lesson.

He said, “Xu is a deep believer in traditional martial arts and his words were insulting. I challenged him to get a new perspective on taiji and real traditional martial arts.”

Lu is 80% sure of winning because he added that the taiji masters have “an iron fist, an aerial foot and an iron back, which (takes) over 20 years of hard training.”

Xu’s style is simply to project explosive force, Lu insisted.


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