Chakra meditation: what is it?

Chakra meditation focuses on healing or balancing the chakras – the energy centers in your body – and can help you relieve stress and sleep better like meditation in general.

So, you heard someone mention chakra meditation, and now you’re wondering: What is that?

The chakras are the energy hotspots of the body. If you think of your energy as a highway along your spine, the chakras mark the main exits – essential organs or nerve bundles – along the way.

It’s not a new concept. Chakras are an age-old concept used in yoga, reiki, and other alternative wellness practices. And meditation? It goes back that far.

People who follow the practice believe blocked chakras are bad news for your mind and spirit. And a meditation session focused on chakra healing — restoring balance so energy can flow freely — can bring inner calm, increased awareness, and an overall sense of alignment.

You want to know more ? Here is the deep dive on chakra meditation.

Fun Fact: Some people say the human body has 100+ chakras. But most practitioners only focus on the 7s along your spine.

Here is the need to know about the 7 primaries chakra.

crown chakra

Location: the tippy-top of your head

Associated color: purple or white

This swirling crown of energy is linked to your brain, so it is all about consciousness, intelligence and spiritual connection.

Do you feel forgetful, in a bad mood or simply disconnected from your body? A meditation on the crown chakra might help.

third eye chakra

Location: smack-dab between your eyes

Associated color: deep blue or indigo

This “third eye” connects to the way you see the world. The energy that swirls in this part of your body influences imagination, intuition and instinct.

A slow flow of the third eye chakra could disturb you physically and emotionally. Think chronic headaches, trouble concentrating, and feelings of creative blockage.

throat chakra

Location: your throat

Associated color: blue or turquoise

This chakra swirls with all things creativity and communication.

Of course, sometimes we struggle to balance our communication skills. Maybe you shut up around the people you love. Maybe you spew words at strangers on the subway. Good old fashioned meditation can bring healing to the throat chakra.

heart chakra

Location: center of your chest, just above your heart

Associated color: green

As you might expect, the heart chakra = all things love and compassion.

But a blocked heart chakra doesn’t always manifest as hatred or bitterness. Sometimes problems in the land of the heart are more like throwing yourself around like a doormat for others.

solar plexus chakra

Location: center of your stomach

Associated color: yellow

You know how performance anxiety feels like butterflies in your stomach? You can thank your solar plexus chakra.

When this energy center vibrates, it gives off important vibrations of self-confidence. When it’s blocked, you’re probably feeling very depressed, insecure, or anxious.

sacral chakra

Location: a few centimeters below your navel

Associated color: orange

This energy center in the lower abdomen is connected to your sexuality and your creativity. Some people find it to be super influential on self-esteem and self-image.

As with the other chakras, problems with the sacral chakra can show up physically. This means urinary tract infections (UTIs), sex drive issues, and lower back pain.

root chakra

Location: coccyx or perineum

Associated color: red

The literal foundation of your spine, your root chakra represents confidence and stability. It is often associated with a feeling of grounding and security.

Feeling overwhelmed by swirling insecurities? It’s time for a meditation on the root chakra.

Chakra meditation means consciously tapping into the powerful energy of a chakra or healing a blocked chakra.

TBH, meditation of all types can help you find your inner peace and there is a lot of research on chakra meditation itself. And since chakra meditation is rooted in a specific belief system, you kind of have to dig into Eastern ideologies — or at least energy-based practices — to benefit from it.

Clear your chakras wide open via a meditation session can help you feel:

  • balance
  • relaxed
  • a deep sense of inner calm

And like meditation in general, the resulting stress relief *could* lead to Better sleep and reduced muscle tension.

You can do chakra meditation anytime, anywhere. Get into the rhythm of daily sessions or just use this meditation lens when you feel stuck in life.

If you don’t know where to start, look for a guided chakra meditation. Most sessions include:

  • take root in the present moment
  • close eyes
  • breathe deeply
  • actively to remark your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations

Identifying any imbalances ahead of time can help guide your chakra meditation. Stomach flip-flops with anxiety? Focus on releasing a blocked solar plexus chakra. Do you struggle to communicate effectively at work? Try a throat chakra meditation.

For sure!

To begin, make yourself comfortable in a seated position. Take deep, cleansing breaths before mentally scanning your body for discomfort or blocked energy.

Once you have identified a direction for your session (balancing all the chakras? unblocking one or two?), the real meditation begins. TBH, there is no set protocol here. Most people use chakra color visualization and several other mental exercises.

Want some advice in the mystical magic of chakra meditation? Check out these sessions:

A longer chakra meditation session gives you time to dig deep. Your 30-minute chakra meditation might also be the perfect time to work on fine-tuning *all* chakras instead of unblocking just one.

The specifics of your practice will remain the same no matter how long you meditate. You sit comfortably, breathe deeply, close your eyes and visualize.

Here are some 30-minute chakra meditations to try:

  • Chakra meditation is a type of meditation focused on healing blocked chakras or balancing chakras in general.
  • This practice stems from ancient energy-based beliefs that originated in India.
  • Although you don’t need to practice Hinduism to benefit from chakra meditation, it makes sense to have a general understanding of what each chakra represents.
  • The potential benefits of chakra meditation include inner peace, increased mental awareness, stress relief, and even better sleep.
  • If you’re curious about chakra meditation, try an online guided session or chat with a qualified practitioner to find out how to get started.

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