Are you getting enough exercise? Lack of physical activity may increase the risk of early death in adults



WASHINGTON DC: Physical activity is associated with a lower risk of premature death in older people, study finds.

Researchers at the Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil noted that 9% of all premature deaths are caused by a lack of physical activity.

They explained that physical activity is known to reduce deaths from heart disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease and mental illness.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, looked more closely at the relationship between death and exercise in older people in Brazil.

The team relied on information from “COMO VAI?” study conducted from January to August 2014.

The researchers conducted home interviews with 1,451 adults over the age of 60. Of these, 971 participants received wrist monitors to measure their physical activity.

They also asked participants what their smoking habits were and how they would rate their health.

The team learned about the chronic health conditions the participants reported suffering from, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, Parkinson’s disease, kidney failure, high cholesterol, depression, strokes. brain and cancer.

The researchers then assessed the participants’ ability to perform their normal daily activities, including bathing, dressing, moving from bed to chair, using the bathroom, and eating.

They found that people who had the lowest levels of physical activity had higher rates of premature death than people who had higher activity levels.

The results suggest that low levels of physical activity are associated with higher risks of premature death, regardless of a person’s level of health, the researchers said.

Overall, physical activity was important in preventing premature death in older men and women, they said.

5 simple exercises to calm your muscles at work

Cat Cow Pose

To release some of the stiffness, start by placing your feet flat on the floor. As you bend slowly, move your pelvis back and forth, focusing on exercising your abdominal muscles to feel your body relax.

Hold your breath as you perform the exercise and tilt the top of your pelvis back, pulling your belly button towards your spine like in a cat pose. Repeat this several times for better relaxation.


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