Antoni Porowski on cooking as a stress reliever and why meditation makes a “huge difference”


Antoni Porowski shares his approach to personal care. (Photo: Getty; designed by Quinn Lemmers)

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Enter being one of the “fabulous five” on Netflix it strange – he’s the culinary expert in residence – and a cookbook author times twice (his second, is now on shelves), Antoni Porowski is also working with Betty Crocker in a recipe competition celebrating the brand’s 100th anniversary.

Coming up, Porowski – who kicks off the #CallMeBettyCrocker recipe contest, with a chance to appear on the packaging – opens up to Yahoo Life about the other sweet things in her life, face masks (“keep them refrigerated ! ”He advises) to the therapeutic power of being in the kitchen.

We zoom in from your kitchen – is cooking and / or baking therapeutic for you?

This is the first time someone has said that before me! Cooking or baking, anything that involves continuous repetitions and movements – just toss my cake mix or chop my onions or celery while I’m standing in the kitchen, listening to music is the ultimate thing to calm myself. At the end of a long day, doing something simple is the perfect way to land.

Do you have other self-care rituals to help you reset?

I would like to practice personal care every day (and I to do meditate and exercise every day), but Sunday is for me the ultimate day of personal care of pure comfort and decadence. It’s all about the comfort of the TV shows we watch – we just finished Squid game – and eat, be happy and relax.

Last Sunday my boyfriend and I made an I’m usually Team Brownie brownie, and I’m baking it three minutes shorter than the package says; this is how it stays soft and a little raw) It is important for me to have a full reset day so that I can start my week in good shape.

You look very cold. What is stressing you?

Monday morning when I look at my diary. I try not to look too far [laughs]. I tend to be anxious about things over which I have no control and try to remember what I can and cannot control, and consciously differentiate between the two; it makes my daily life easier to manage. This is where meditation comes in; it helps me stay in the moment. There is a huge difference when I meditate and when I don’t. I’m better at keeping things in perspective and less likely to hold on to things I can’t control.

Do you have a mantra?

“I am enough, I have had enough.”

Porowski says cooking and baking are therapeutic for him.  (Photo: courtesy Betty Crocker)

Porowski says cooking and baking are therapeutic for him. (Photo: courtesy Betty Crocker)

What brings you joy?

Saturday morning, after a bodybuilding class, [we] put Ina Garten and see what she does for Jeffrey on barefoot countess. There is something beautiful about watching a dish prepare, and the visuals and the ingredients and the satisfaction of eating it at the end. But there is also something heartwarming and relatable – the personal story of someone preparing food for someone else. It’s heartwarming, and I think we all like it.

Speaking of comfort food, have anyone suggested you make a Betty Crocker cake?

No! I’m notoriously a horrible baker because I’m bad at math, but it couldn’t be easier. It’s a cup of water, half a cup of oil (I like using olive oil, it makes it a bit hotter) and two eggs. Make sure to sift the ingredients. Mix it, cook it. I wish they could cool the cakes faster so the frosting didn’t melt. I took the Betty Crocker Brownie Mix and mashed some bananas, added that and flaked salt – and it was good. Than a Sunday with a hot cup of coffee [makes a chef’s kiss gesture]!

Yes, doing things from scratch is good, but not everyone has time for it. What I like about Betty is as simple or complicated as you want it to be; you can add more things and customize them. It’s about having fun!

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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