An introduction to creating a regular meditation routine

Have you ever tried to create a new habit or learn a new skill? You probably recognized early on that success requires regular practice. This also applies to meditation. Daily meditation is crucial since you are developing a habit. Most people won’t feel the benefits right away, so you need to practice regularly in order to start reaping the rewards of your labor.

It can be difficult to start a daily meditation practice, but most people find it becomes easier once they begin to experience some of its many benefits. Still unsure about your ability to incorporate meditation into your daily life? It’s totally doable, and these seven success strategies can help.

Small steps first:
While meditating at least 30 minutes a day is a great goal, you don’t have to start there. It only takes five minutes, three times a week. Beginners should start with five minutes of guided meditation three times a week and gradually increase the duration as they become accustomed to the practice. You may not feel very calm or attentive at first. You may not feel comfortable at all. But it is okay. Just set yourself a five-minute time limit to reflect. Take an interest in them, but don’t insist. Don’t worry if you can’t manage 30 minutes each day; even 10 or 15 minutes a day can be beneficial.

Pick the perfect time:
The best time to meditate is actually whenever you can make it work. You’ll probably only feel frustrated and reluctant to continue if you force yourself to meditate at a time that doesn’t fit your schedule and obligations. Instead, experiment when you meditate to determine what feels most comfortable to you. This can happen early in the morning, just before you go to sleep, during a hectic commute, or during your break at work. Try to stick to whatever time you choose. Maintaining consistency can help your new habit blend in with the rest of your regular activities.

Maintaining consistency in the moment of meditation is very crucial.

be comfortable
You’ve probably seen photos of people sitting in the traditional lotus pose for meditation. However, not everyone feels comfortable in this posture and it can be difficult to mediate when you are in an awkward position. Fortunately, there is no specific position to adopt to meditate well. Instead, just adopt a comfortable, natural position that you can hold. Lying down and sitting on a chair is fine. If you have trouble staying still while sitting, try standing or walking while you meditate. Some people find that focusing on each phase, such as focusing on the breath, improves the meditation process. Also consider creating a relaxing, quiet place for meditation, or even designing a ritual around exercise. Candles, soothing music, or photos and memories of loved ones can all enhance meditation. The benefits of the ritual are crucial, as the act serves as a statement of what your well-being means.

Use a podcast or app for meditation:
Do you still have questions about how to actually meditate? Always check your smartphone if in doubt. There’s an app for almost everything these days, and meditation is no different. Apps can be used to access meditations in many circumstances, soothing tones, breathing exercises, podcasts, tools and visuals to deepen your understanding of meditation. Plus, you can customize the app to track your development and change your meditation strategy based on how you’re feeling at the time. Calm, Headspace, and Ten Percent Happier are some of the best-known apps.

Podcasts and playlists always add more calm to meditation.

Keeping it on is key:
Don’t panic if meditation doesn’t seem to click for you at first; it takes time to develop a new habit. Explore all the challenges you face with curiosity and an open mind rather than looking for excuses not to continue. The difficulties you encounter while meditating can help you develop a more fruitful practice. You can more easily apply acceptance and curiosity in your daily life if you learn to practice them in meditation. It can make it easier for you to regularly cultivate consciousness. Think of it like this: You might feel a little better if you start meditating when you’re feeling nervous and irritated.

Recognize when it’s not working:
The benefits of meditation may not be felt right away. It’s quite typical. And no matter how long you’ve been training, sometimes your thoughts will still wander. It is also typical. None of these things prevent you from benefiting from meditation. This is actually a positive thing to notice when your attention has strayed, as it shows that awareness is something you are growing into. Just focus gently when this happens. You should eventually start to feel the benefits if you maintain a regular meditation routine.

It is essential to understand when meditation does more harm than good. Despite the fact that many people receive relief from their mental health issues through the daily practice of meditation, not everyone does. Although not very common, some people experience high feelings of panic, anxiety, or despair. Before continuing with meditation, you may want to seek advice from a therapist if you regularly feel worse.

Now, are you ready to give it all to meditation on a regular basis? For your first meditation, try this one:

  • Find a relaxation space where you can relax.
  • Set a timer for three to five minutes.
  • Start by focusing on your breathing. Take note of how it feels with each inhale and exhale. Breathe in a way that feels natural, gently and deeply.
  • As soon as your mind begins to wander, acknowledge it, let it go, and bring your attention back to your breath. If this continues, don’t worry; it will end.
  • Open your eyes when your time is up. Be aware of your environment, your body and your emotions. You may or may not feel different.

However, over time you will likely find yourself becoming more aware of your own experience as well as the environment around you. These emotions remain long after you stop meditating.

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