a new trend in physical exercise for strength, flexibility

ISLAMABAD -Locomotion is a full body exercise that develops high levels of strength, flexibility and body control in addition to adopting four basic movement patterns including Bear, Monkey, Crab and Frog.

Speaking to APP, personal trainer and nutrition coach Ammara Gul Agha said on Friday that animal movements have been used in different types of martial arts like gymnastics and yoga. “If animal movement is added to the routine for training and rehabilitation, it will increase the rage of movement by strengthening the joints,” she added.

Ammara said people with joint limitations such as frozen shoulders and stiff joints can embrace locomotion to build strength, control and flexibility.

She said that locomotion synchronizes the mind-body connection because the subject remains aware of body movements. Exercise also improves body balance problems in older people by improving coordination of their limbs, she added. She pointed out that the combinations of bear, monkey, crab and frog moves create a complete workout.

“The bear moves help with arm strength and spinal mobility, the monkey and frog improve lateral movements while the crabs strengthen the core,” she explained.

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