A cinematic meditation on our overpopulated planet

From the banks of the Ganges to the mosh pits of Coachella; From sprawling refugee camps to ever-expanding metropolises, humanity is moving in swarms across the globe in ever greater numbers, to celebrate, worship, protest, destroy and rebuild. This relentless activity is having an epic impact, as we demand huge transformations in our relationship with our planet and the way we live together.

The Australian Chamber Orchestra will explore the complex existence of humanity on our densely populated planet by The crowd & mea deep inter-artistic collaboration between art director Richard Tognetti, director Nigel Jamieson, cinematographer Jon Frank and filmmakers and image makers from around the world.

With millions of people on the move each week – some by choice, many by circumstance – The Crowd & I explores the extraordinary transformation of the planet during the most populous time in human history and the new ways we have come to live with each other, huddled together and separated from nature.

Tognetti says, “How do we feel when we’re part of a crowd? Is it fear or empowerment? Are we losing ourselves, or are we finding our true selves? Is a crowd a crowd, an ignorant mass of thoughtless beings? body, capable of thought processes and invention that individuals alone would not be capable of? We spend a large part of our lives in crowds: when we go to football or attend a concert, when we cross the street at peak, when we worship, cry, protest or celebrate, we often do so in a crowd.

“The Crowd & I examines the nature of the crowd, in its many manifestations, both human and in the natural world.”

Tognetti will lead the ACO live on stage, performing music from Shostakovich, Sibelius and Chopin to Osvaldo Golijov, Morton Feldman and his own new music, alongside striking images and footage captured from around the world, from vast camps of refugees, epic gatherings in the name of religion and secular celebrations where hedonism reigns.

Jubilant, chaotic and confronting in equal measure, The Crowd & I promises to be a life-changing experience.


Richard Tognetti Creative Director & Violin
Australian Chamber Orchestra
The song company

Cinematography Jon Frank
Nigel Jamieson Director of Film and Staging


Canberra • Llewellyn Hall
Sat August 6 8pm

Melbourne • Melbourne Arts Center
Sun August 7 2:30 p.m.
mon 8 august 7:30 p.m.

Sydney • City Recital Hall
Tue August 9 8pm
Wed August 10 7pm
Fri August 12 1:30 p.m.
Sat August 13 7pm

Sydney opera
Sun August 14 2 p.m.

Brisbane • QPAC Concert Hall
mon 15 august 7 p.m.

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