10 of the best zen meditation playlists


If we could go to a Zen meditation class, blow our doggy worries down, and soothe our souls in a steady bath of sound, you already know we would be there. Unfortunately, we have to face reality and we don’t know how the boss would react with the “I was in meditation” excuse for being late every day.

Lucky for us, there are plenty of ways to be Zen from the comfort of home, work, anywhere, really. Tune in to calming tunes is an easy way to clear your mind and refocus while practicing meditation. From curated lists of traditional soothing meditation sounds to upbeat playlists that will motivate you to face the day, these meditation tunes are worth checking out.

Plug in your headphones, take a deep breath, and get ready to relax with our best meditation playlists.

Meditation music 2021

10 hours of mindful music? Sign us up. This modern playlist contains all the latest relaxing songs that will help you relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and strengthen your mind and energy. This isn’t your overrated “trees in the forest” meditation music – there are definitely more upbeat tunes on this playlist, including tunes from Edna Lyles, Aurora Beach, and Luna Skybox. For all Gen Z’ers, this modern playlist is for you.

Meditation Sleep Music

Meditation means a lot of different things to different people, and if closing your eyes and catching zzz is your idea of ​​meditation, then this playlist is for you. On the The Meditation Sleep Music playlist, ambient binaural rhythms, and music theory frequencies (yes, we also had to Google that) all work seamlessly to promote deep sleep-related brain waves. This relaxing playlist uses science to help facilitate restful sleep, clear mental blockages, and cleanse negative energy.

Peaceful meditation

We trust Spotify to curate the best of the best playlists, so of course we had to give them a place in our roundup of the best meditation playlists. With over a million likes, this playlist is certainly popular and is perfect for those who want a bit of everything. The The Peaceful Meditation playlist has laid back tunes, catchy tunes, and groovy tracks that you wouldn’t expect on a meditation playlist, but somehow they work. Plug this in when you’re not sure what kind of meditation you’re feeling and let the sweet tunes be your guide.

Guided meditation

As much as we like to make our own relaxed meditation music, sometimes we want to follow a certain structure and that’s where guided meditation comes in. Spotify’s The Guided Meditation Reading List compiles the best guided avenues for a variety of meditation needs, from letting go of negative energy to focusing on specific chakras to performing body scans, there are plenty to choose from. . Listen to the instructor’s calming voice as you follow the guided practice and prepare to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Tibetan bowls

If you haven’t attended a Tibetan singing bowl class, first of all you are missing out on something, but you can try the next best thing with this Tibetan Bowls Reading List. This style of meditation music uses vibrating bells to produce rich, deep sounds, believed to help improve sleep, reduce negative energy, and improve overall health. This traditional playlist is full of meditative tones that will help you slow down and take your Zen to the next level.

Piano for meditation

Piano music is definitely one of the most calming types of instrumental music out there, so of course it’s perfect for a meditation playlist. This A carefully curated playlist contains only soft, soothing piano music designed to slow your heart rate and encourage deep breathing. Let the relaxed melodies of artists like Benette, Luca Magliano and Nessa Manuel flow over you as you embrace your inner harmony and peace.

Sleep meditation for children

If you have a little one then you will know all about sleeping difficulties with children and, boy, we don’t envy you. This The Sleep Meditation For Kids Playlist features 14 hours of kid-friendly tunes that use scientific melodies and calming frequencies to help them fall asleep. If songs like The sleep train and Sleepy bed for Sleepy Head don’t help them fall asleep, we don’t know what will. Plug in this playlist and get ready for the full night’s sleep you crave.

Nature Meditation: Earth

Nature is responsible for some of the most calming sounds we know – from the gentle crashing of the waves to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, we associate nature with all that is peaceful and calming. This The Nature Meditation Playlist harnesses the power of Mother Nature and encourages you to tap into your root chakras through relaxed rhythms that pay homage to the Earth. Anchor your mind, create balance, and connect with nature with this peaceful meditation playlist.

Morning meditation

One of the best times to practice meditation to create a sense of calm and harmony is in the morning, so that you feel focused and refreshed to seize the day ahead. We are right here dreaming of a sunrise meditation session… This The Morning Meditation Playlist combines energizing tunes with more relaxed melodies that will motivate you to wake up, relax, and mentally prepare yourself for whatever the day throws at you. Well-being atmosphere guaranteed.

Yoga & Meditation

If you like to combine your yoga and meditation into one busy, zen session, then this is the perfect playlist for you. This The musical range is full of new age music to balance mind and body which is exactly what you want when you’re a half-height dog. We are all on this balance. Think of the classics of Steven Goldmund to the sweet melodies of Sophie Emitt and much more.

Now that you are feeling so zen, now is the perfect time to do a full spring cleaning of the playlist. Get Rid Of Those Overrated Mid-2000s Playlists And Listen our best playlists for every occasion.

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